Can adderall irritate the bladder

Can adderall irritate the bladder
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Is it ok to smoke weed after taking vicodin
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Marijuana Questions including "Is it true weed is out of your system in 3 days if smoked once after being clean for months" and "Does drinking water clean your system"

I was in a real bad car accident the other day and was perscibed vicodin for pain. What effect will my body have if i smoke weed while taking the

My girlfriend keeps asking me to smoke weed. . its almost like begging in a way, I don't condemn anybody that does it. and I Is it ok to smoke weed after taking vicodin will be the first one.

Best Answer: its straight any kind of anti-depressents and

Is it ok to smoke weed after taking vicodin

weed can mix mostly any kind of pill you can smoke with it will just increase the affects of the .

I have been taking Narco (Vicodin) for 3 years n i want off of it. I have autonomic nervous system disorder..all that means is everything is messed up on the inside.

Can you smoke weed while taking ibuprofen 600 mg for kidney stones?

Find out what our lactation expert says about smoking marijuana and taking other drugs if you're a breastfeeding mom. Could it affect your baby?

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Based on a United Nations survey from 2008 the use of opiates in the United States by the normal populace has remained constant over the past several years.

Reader Josh tipped us to this breaking story about a legal "incense" called Spice that is sold in head shops as a cannabis substitute. According to a recent report .

RFC 1 - Host Software . How long does Marijuana or weed stay in ur system whether urine or blood?

can't sleep does any one know home remedy? i dont sleep at night i already went to doctor they have tried all kinds of meds. they only Is it ok to smoke weed after taking vicodin work for a little while and im .

Ok I used to have a prescription for medical cannabis but it expired. I live with my granny to take care of her full time and she has a prescription for vicodin.

I'm bipolar and taking Trileptal (sp).. Additional Details I quit for 7 months, but started again. I have found it to help out alot. I live in California,

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